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First post

I am thinking about sporadically writing blog posts again and after a little bit of research it seemed like utilising GitHub Pages was the way to go.

In comparison I have previously run my own web server using a Linode VPS and now more recently I am making use of Amazon's Simple Storage Service (S3) and its ability to host a static website. As you might notice I am progressively simplifying what it takes for me to get my site up and running and as my next step I thought I would check out jekyll-now and let GitHub host the content for me.

The only limitation is that although GitHub provides HTTPS for GitHub Pages it is yet to provide support for HTTPS for custom domains. With the growth of projects like Let's Encrypt I hope this can be resolved sometime in the future. It's not that I think that I have anything so important it might be intercepted in transit and tampered with but it's a principle thing.